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Wear your CONFIDENCE with or without your clothes!

Typical results in only 30 days with our Natural Hormone Balancing!
Fast results keep you motivated, and many women over 35–40 years old get such SLOW results, they give up! We completely understand.

What Is Cupping Therapy?—What You Need to Know

The latest buzzword since the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio has gotten many asking, “What are those marks on Michael Phelps’ back and shoulders?”

Joint Pain and the Weekend Warrior

If that weekend Zumba class, game of basketball or run through the park has you limping into work on Monday morning, you are not alone.

Pediatric Flatfoot Deformity: When and Why it Is a Problem

A flatfoot deformity occurs when the inside border of the foot appears flatter than normal. This type of deformity can occur in all age groups, although it is most common in children.

Ken Reed to Give Talk on Historical Novel, Lead Field Trip

Get a new perspective on the history of Lancaster and Lebanon counties with Ken Yoder Reed, author of the forthcoming historical fiction novel “Both My Sons.”

Spay and Neuter Pet Clinic

Our spay-and-neuter services are intended to help reduce the pet overpopulation problem in our community and reduce the risks of certain companion animal diseases.

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    Click to vacation in Beautiful Bethany Beach, DE