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Men vs. Women in the Fortune 1000—The World’s Most Powerful CEOs

Recruitment experts, Talentful, have performed extensive research into the CEOs of over 100 Fortune 1000 companies to find out how gender can affect money, success, and career path.

Why Women Do What They Do

This particular piece of brief prose is directed at the “significant male others” who live with the women who would ordinarily be the only ones reading this column in LCW.

How to Drop 10 lbs for Summer (Fast!)

Wanna lose 10 lbs fast for summer? Ha, I knew you did! Well, check this out…I actually just finished losing 10 pesky pounds of my own, and unlike most times, it wasn’t even hard.

Making House Selling and Buying Easier for Seniors

After living for so many years in their homes and collecting not only valuables but also memories, many older adults find the idea of moving to be frightening and overwhelming. Rochelle “Rocky” Welkowitz, Lancaster County’s first Real Estate Specialist for mature adults (with Prudential Homesale Services Group) is making the entire process easier for seniors.

Pennies for Pets Campaign to Raise Funds for Pets in Need

Small change can make a world of difference in helping animal welfare organizations.

2017’s Fattest Cities in America—WalletHub Study

Since Americans collectively spend up to $315.8 billion annually on obesity-related medical treatment, the personal-finance website WalletHub took an in-depth look at 2017’s Fattest Cities in America.

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