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Dear Readers,

New Year, New You! And another great opportunity for us to continue doing what we love best—bringing you the nest resource information in Lancaster County!

It is indeed a new year, and we are delighted to welcome you to our January/February edition as we begin our 21st year of operations! We cannot thank you enough for making this possible. We would not be here without you and your continued, unwavering support. Thank you from all of us here at Lancaster County Woman Newspaper. We love you, and with your support, we expect this to be our best year ever!

Inside this edition we have lots of great news and information, so let’s get right to it. Attorney Jeff Goss’s article titled The New Tax Law and Charitable Giving is must reading for everyone who donates to charitable organizations. Nonprofits are the backbone of our community when it comes to helping our less fortunate citizens of Lancaster County. The new tax law does not allow individual deductions; however, attorney Goss outlines three ways we can contribute and still take a deduction for our charitable contributions.

Unless we educate ourselves with credible information and continue to support the wonderful organizations who keep our community healthy and vibrant, they will disappear. The impact of this new tax law on these organizations cannot be overstated; it is our responsibility to ensure these organizations not only survive but continue to thrive. If they disappear, who will pick up the huge responsibility they now shoulder?

Dr. David Simons’ article on Medical Marijuana is equally important information. He not only updates medical marijuana’s current status in Pennsylvania, he also outlines what medical conditions can be treated by this medicinal herb and the path to obtain a medical marijuana card required to purchase medicinal marijuana at a local dispensary. This option will soon be available in Pennsylvania for individuals who have not had success with opioids for treatment of pain.

Tiffany M. Kress’s article Suicide: The Impact on Families and How to Help addresses a huge national problem in the country and Lancaster County. For those who have suffered the pain of losing a family member or loved one in this manner, this article is spot on. You will find Tiffany’s insightful article for dealing with this tragedy on page 12.

Mark your calendars to attend the 5th Annual Roots and Blues Festival in beautiful downtown Lancaster, March 9, 10, and 11. This event has grown exponentially every year to include some of the best blues and jazz musicians in the country, attracting visitors from around the world. A complete lineup of venues, artists, and musicians plus tickets for all events can be found online at

Finally, a reminder to please remember our soldiers and their families everywhere in the world. Without their sacrifices, we would not be the nation we are.

With blessings, love, and appreciation,
JoAnn Notargiacomo

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