We’re pleased to welcome Aiden Soroko and Keith Thomsen to our Argires Mariotti Family. They are joining us from Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at Lancaster General Health.

Dr. David Simons

Ketamine Therapy
Comes to Lancaster, p. 9

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Kelly Dennis, MS LPC

Nervous About Online Counseling? p. 4

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David Winand, MD, FACS

Advanced Vein & Laser Center Free Ultrasound Screenings, p. 24

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A. L. Segro

Segro’s Lancaster Hairport
Professional Stylist Can
Get the Color You Want, p. 22

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Jon Lepley, DO, Medical Director

Addiction Medicine, Lancaster General Health Physicians
Treating Opioid Addiction at Primary Care Offices:
Compassionate and Effective, p. 2

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Lessons in Determination from
Weeble A Love Story

 by Laura Gibbs, Animal Care Technician

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Oct. 29–Nov. 1, 2020

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50% OFF Any Service
Lancaster School of Cosmetology

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Congratulations to LCW’s Getaway Giveaway
Beach Vacation Winners

Patsy Sympson and Anita Yoder, p. 4

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Heritage Design Interiors
Holiday Open House, Nov. 5–15
(25% Discount Coupon), p. 23

Online Auction
Oct. 1–4, p. 10

Faulkner Chevrolet’s
10th Annual Golf Classic
Benefits Schreiber Center, p. 12

When Is the Right Time to Look into Personal Care?

The growing population of today’s seniors is more active, healthier, and will live longer than any generation in history, according to a 2019 Forbes magazine article, “A New Snapshot of Older Adults in the U.S.”


Naples’ Dog DNA Database Tracks Owners Who Don’t Clean Up After Their PetsClean Up After Their Pets

Naples is known for its crime and mafia ties, but the city also has another issue plaguing residents: dog poop. Now, the city is taking a stance on the problem. According to the New York Times, pet dogs’ DNA will be entered into a citywide registry.


Fight COVID with H.O.P.E

COVID has a reality for everyone. Some have sadly watched while it took their loved one, and others question with sometimes aggressive resistance its reality.


Colorful Creations Is Now Transformed Treasures!

A dream is coming true for two local women who, until a few months ago, had never met. As it turns out, the two have many friends in common.


Dedicated to Safety, Dedicated to Lancaster

Amid the challenging situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing has remained the same: At Lancaster’s The Greenfield Restaurant & Bar, you and loved ones can still enjoy a delicious meal, complemented by a choice off their award-winning wine list.

UPMC Pinnacle

“UPMC Pinnacle Lancaster and Lititz have been using Lancaster County Woman (LCW) for over ten years to promote our comprehensive healthcare services. I have personally enjoyed a great working relationship with the LCW team the entire time. JoAnn is one of the most generous and caring people I know, both personally and professionally! LCW is a perfect balance of both promotion and education. Advertising  rates are reasonable and I believe it is one of the most widely distributed and read publications in Lancaster County. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “Hey, I saw your hospitals in LCW again—nice article!” So I would highly recommend LCW to anyone looking for a cost-effective way to spread the word about their organization.”

– Danielle Gilmore, MBA

Life Span Psychological Services

“Life Span would like to thank JoAnn for a pleasant and cooperative relationship for many years. Life Span was pleased when JoAnn approached us to be one of the original contributors to this newly created magazine. Life Span’s advertising through LCW has produced many referrals. The articles published have provided an opportunity for Life Span to educate the public about mental-health issues. Best wishes to JoAnn and her staff for many years to come.”

– Lori L. Lewis

Write From The Heart

“I’ve been advertising in Lancaster County Woman for 11 years, and the majority of my new clients still tell me that they found me—here—in these pages. I have LCW to thank for a successful business in Lancaster County!”

– Melissa Greene

Smiles by Stevens

“ We have been advertising with Lancaster County Woman newspaper since we started our business. The staff and quality of work they provide is wonderful. We receive a lot of positive feedback from our patients and will continue our relationship with LCW for years to come.”

– Shea Stevens, DMD, FICOI


“I have been advertising in LCW for the past six years that I have had my own business, and for a few years prior when I ran a small business for a larger company. I have always been pleased with the feedback and the results from using this informative publication. I feel it gives me a platform to not only advertise, but also to educate women on different aspects of their health. New clients always tell me they saw it in a doctor’s office or paraprofessional office, which only adds to the credibility. I cannot thank JoAnn and her staff enough for this wonderful educational vehicle in which to advertise women’s health issues!”

– Dawn Cutillo

Martin Foot and Ankle

“ Martin Foot and Ankle has been using Lancaster County Woman for several years. Every issue has educational articles as well as informational bits regarding Lancaster County. Working with JoAnn has been a delight! I would highly encourage any business to meet with her and discuss future opportunities.”

– Aimee Miller

A Loyal Reader

“I have been reading Lancaster County Woman for the past two years each time I go to a doctor’s office. I have to say that I really look forward to seeing each new issue. I really like that there are articles to read, as I find them very informative.”

– Richard Gross, Lititz, PA

Segro’s Hairport

“LCW hands down has been the best vehicle to support my ongoing information marketing campaign. For the last five years, 95% of my premium conversions have come from advertising my books in LCW. The affordable price point has made a very effective return on investment.”

– Al Segro

LUXE Salon & Spa

“Luxe has been advertising in Lancaster County Woman Magazine since we opened in 2008. Working with JoAnn and her wonderful staff has continuously brought great results and has helped our business grow tremendously over the years. I would recommend LCW to any business owners looking to increase exposure and brand identity.”

– Ana Kitova

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