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October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month is an annual designation observed in October. For many, home is a place of love, warmth, and comfort. It’s somewhere that you know you will be surrounded by care and support, and a nice little break from the busyness of the real world.

Voted Top Dentist for 5th Year

Since 2007, Smiles by Stevens has been distinguishing themselves with their total commitment to patient care as one of Lancaster’s elite multicomprehensive care practices. Now, Smiles by Stevens is delighted to announce that Dr. Shea Stevens has been awarded the PA Top Dentist Award and Lancaster Best Dentist for the fifth year in a row.

Choose Joy

Our brains have what is described as a negativity bias. The brain scans for threats or what might go wrong in any given situation. It’s one of our survival strategies that has been a part of us since our creation.

The World’s Food Supply Relies On This Remote Arctic Island

Miles away, in a remote archipelago deep in the Arctic, there’s a treasure vault of seeds that might just save the world one day. No, that’s not the introduction to

Need Help with a Hoarding Situation?
Call DC Eager Emergency Services

According to recent research, the disease of hoarding may affect approximately one in 50 people, with other estimates suggesting that those afflicted may actually be closer to one in 20 people. Defined

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