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joannbwDear Readers,

Happy spring!

After a long, dreary winter, my heart leaps for joy when I see the little daffodils and crocuses along the two-mile path I walk every day. What a blessing…what a joyful time of year! My spirit is renewed with the thought of warm, sunny days ahead! In the woods, it’s so easy to forget the reality of our temporary quarantine and change of lifestyle caused by the coronavirus.

As we enter our second week of quarantine, I wake up every morning and literally have to remind myself that things have changed. Due to the quarantine, we’re not permitted to go to the office, shop, eat out, or meet friends and relatives. But on a positive note, this quarantine has brought other blessings into my life that have shined through the current circumstances.

First, I thank God for this opportunity to spend more quality time with my family and to reconnect with relatives and friends I haven’t spoken with since Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This is a gift from God. So often I’ve wished I had time for this over the years…and now I do! I’m tackling spring cleaning a bit early this year, going through my closets to donate clothing I’ll never wear again, despite my best intentions. I’m realizing how valuable relationships are and treasuring long-ago memories as I sort through photographs of family members who have gone home to become angels over the years. I finally have time to organize and pass along prized possessions to friends and family members to enjoy and cherish in upcoming years. What a privilege and blessing to have this time!

While we celebrate the return of spring and this wonderful, unexpected opportunity to spend time with our family and loved ones, we must never forget the families of our military men and women who keep our beautiful country free and safe. Reach out to them, and to neighbors and friends, with encouragement to help them through this difficult time. Offer assistance in whatever way you can by picking up food or prescriptions and leave them at the door. And pray.

Pray for our nation and our leaders as we navigate uncharted waters. We have never been through anything like this, and we need to help one another. Pray for our children as we guide and teach them the importance of love and caring throughout the day.

May God bless you and your family and give us great strength and kindness to help one another.

JoAnn Notargiacomo
Managing Editor

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