Feature Stories


Cupping Therapy—What You Need to Know to ‘Decompress’

Since Michael Phelps’ spectacular performances in swimming during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, cupping therapy has become more widespread and known as a modality to help musculoskeletal recovery, soreness and tightness.


Platelet-Rich Plasma—The Time Has Come

Platelets have been around a long time. Actually, they have been around for as long as there has been blood. So, why are there platelets, and what’s the big deal?


Codependency: How to Recognize the Behavior and Change the Pattern

The term codependency is referenced often in everyday life; however, do we really understand what
codependency is?


“Hidden Gems of the Cumberland Valley” Bus Trip October 23

The Pleasant View Auxiliary will host a bus trip through the scenic Cumberland Valley area and provide the opportunity to taste, see and experience some of its hidden gems on Tuesday, October 23.

Becoming a Parent Changes Everything

That may seem like an obvious statement, but many of us don’t contemplate it when we decide we want to
have children. Instead, we feel the desire and choose to move ahead—and then the due date comes or we get the call from the adoption agency (or both), and poof, as if by magic, everything has changed overnight.


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